Thought of the Day July 13, 2016

By 9:47 AM

"The identity card of a Christian is joy". "Amazement" before the "greatness of God", before his "love" and the "salvation" he has given to humanity, leads the believer to a joy that none of life’s crosses can tarnish, because even trials are a "certainty that Jesus is with us".(Pope Francis) Is this joy evident in our daily life? Can others see that real, inner joy reflected in our lives? Jesus is the source of that joy. It is not an emotional high, here today and gone tomorrow. It is the joy that knows who I am and whose I am. It is the joy we have seen on the faces of the little ones, the poor, the suffering, those whose crosses are indeed heavy. Their joy is contagious. This joy is our identity card that we are followers of the resurrected Christ. That is why St. Paul could exhort: "Rejoice always!"

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