Thought of the Day July 14, 2016

By 9:40 AM

"Don't worry, we are in God's hands." (Pope Francis) Do we have the same sense of trust in God? Do we really believe that he really cares for us in every moment of our life? So often anxieties and fears control us rather than the assurance of his providential love and care. To be in God's hands does not mean nothing bad will happen to us. But it does mean that, in spite of the bad, true and lasting good will result. Knowing that he was in the hands of the Father by his choice, Jesus could embrace the sufferings of the cross. True, he had a sense of abandonment because of the weight of our sins, but he had the confidence of the resurrection. The invitation that Jesus gives, "Come to me all you who labor and are heavily burdened," is the invitation to entrust ourselves into God's hands. For Jesus to be the Lord of our lives means to go and remain in his hands in all circumstances, so that we can weather the storms of life.

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