Thought of the Day August 4, 2016

By 1:20 PM

"In your work, offer your difficulties and troubles quite simply to God…and you will find that His blessing will rest upon you and on all you do." (St. John Vianney) Many times we complain about our difficulties and troubles in our daily routine, to no avail. Merely complaining about them tends to exaggerate them and to create a negative environment in which we find ourselves. These are the little or big crosses of each person’s journey. We can let them overwhelm us, or we can use them to build a staircase to the Lord through prayer. As the saying goes: when you are given lemons, make lemonade. One is sour to the taste, the other is easier and more pleasant to our taste buds. Complaining about our troubles is merely to suck on the lemon. Offer them in prayer to the Lord transforms the troubles, not take them away. The lemonade still has the taste of lemon, but an acceptable one.

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