Thought of the Day July 28, 2016

By 11:19 AM

Let us continue to reflect on the greatest treasure we have been given by God, a share in his divine life and the accompanying inheritance, namely, eternal union with God. Sometimes we do not realize the value of this gift. Like Esau, we are willing to exchange it for something more desirous and tangible here and now. Like Peter, in the moment of fear, we deny our relationship with Jesus to protect our life. Would that we would have the guile of a snake, who is willing to lose his body as long as  his head is in tack. Would that we had the courage and the conviction of the martyrs, who gave their bodies to torture and destruction, rather than deny their commitment to God. Thus, in doing so, they held the treasure of life with God more valuable than the preservation of their human life on earth. Why cling to the lesser treasure and lose the greater one, rather than cling to greater one and have both to the fullest?

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