Thought of the Day July 20, 2016

By 10:17 AM

Before we can grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord, there must be a new encounter and an invitation. He is the initiator of the grace. Mine is the response of "Yes". Because of  his great love for me and his desire that I share more fully in his life, he stands at the door of my heart knocking, waiting for me to open up to him in a new way, in response to this new grace. Why do I hesitate and delay? What is my fear? Is it a lack of trust that  he alone can satisfy me at the core of my being? Is it that I am not ready to let go my sins and totally surrender myself to him? Lord, in spite of these false attachments and lies, continue to encounter me, to invite me, to knock at the door of my heart, lest I lose my way forever. I do love you.

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