Men of God August 10, 2016

By 10:39 AM

I am beginning, today, a blog just for Men of God, who desire to be the man God wants you to be. Hope you will enjoy the reflections. At times, I will be incorporating the thoughts of others.

In every age, but more especially today, children need fathers and grandfathers who model and formed their children into the men and women of God they are created to be. There is a diabolic attack on today’s men. "The forces of feminism, homosexuality and secularism attack patriarchy, but truth will always triumph."

What is the truth? As a man, you are created in the image and likeness of God. Through baptism, you share in his own divine life. You are a man of God by design and grace. To embrace your true masculinity, your relationship with Christ is essential. "Your masculinity needs to be fully Christ-like. It needs to be strong, but not be ashamed to have a tender heart. If men can get themselves sorted out, then they will in turn help their sons and daughters to be strong, pure and noble children of God."
"A father is to be a strong, loving, mature man who is clothed in the grace of Christ. He considers his responsibilities and authority as from God, and is therefore humbled and bears the authority with great awe -- never lording it over others, but treating each one of his charges with tenderness and total attention. The Christian home is "ruled" by the father, but in a spirit of total self-giving and loving attention for the needs of all. This is a very high ideal, but it is a beautiful one, and one that we should not apologize for simply because some fathers have abused it. The father should call constantly on God for help and realize that he relies on grace to sustain him at all times.

"Furthermore, when we fail to reach the ideal we need to be humble enough to ask forgiveness both from God and from our wives and children. This is very important because children need to know that their fathers are not only fallible, but able to recognize their own frailty and ask forgiveness for their failings. If children see their father ask forgiveness they will not mind when they are asked to exercise the same humility."

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