Thought of the Day August 16, 2016

By 10:10 AM

To be holy as you, Lord, are holy is my real vocation in life. All other callings and desires are secondary. To grow in holiness is to grow in love. To grow in love is to do everything out of love for you.  To love this way is to surrender my life to you as Lord. The more you are the Lord of my life, the holier I will be. To choose to do your will in all things is, not only to call you Lord, but to embrace you as Lord. At that point you will be the All in All of my life. With St. Paul I can proclaim: "I live now not I but Christ Jesus in me." In all this, it is to your grace that I am responding in every step of the journey to holiness. Lord, help me to be holy both in the today and in the future.

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