Thought of the Day August 12, 2016

By 10:51 AM

"There is no danger if our prayer is without words or reflection because the good success of prayer depends neither on words nor on study. It depends upon the simple raising of our minds to God, and the more simple and stripped of feeling it is, the surer it is....In prayer one must hold fast and never let go, because the one who gives up loses all. If it seems that no one is listening to you, then cry out even louder. If you are driven out of one door, go back in by the other." (St. Jane Frances de Chantal) Many of us struggle with prayer. Is it because we want to be in control of the conversation and relationship? Is it because we try to impress the Lord and earn his attention? What if we look at prayer as being for the Lord and not the other way around? What if we just "waste" time with the Lord by being in his presence and being for him? The model for this form of prayer is Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. She sat at Jesus' feet, gazing and listening to him. Can we just sit with the Lord, gazing on him without him having to speak to us? The Psalmist says: "Be still and know that I am the Lord."

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