Thought of the Day August 22, 2016

By 10:05 AM

"In looking at the analogy between Christ's Ascension and Mary's Assumption, we can conclude that Mary, in dependence on Christ, is the Queen who possesses and exercises over the universe a sovereignty granted to her by her Son. The title of Queen does not of course replace that of Mother: her queenship remains a corollary of her particular maternal mission and simply expresses the power conferred on her to carry out that mission." (St. John Paul II)  The gift from God of Mary's Queenship is the culmination of all the graces she received beginning with her immaculate conception. But, as the Holy Father said, all the graces were focused on the most unique gift, being the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We honor Mary because God honors her. We honor her as the Mother of Jesus, and by his design, our Mother. And as Mother and Queen, she intercedes for us before the throne of God. Her greatest desire for us is that we will be with God forever in glory.

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