Thought of the Day August 15, 2016

By 10:52 AM

"But God was pleased that Mary should in all things resemble Jesus; and as the Son died, it was becoming that the Mother should also die; because, moreover, He wished to give the just an example of the precious death prepared for them, He willed that even the most Blessed Virgin should die, but by a sweet and happy death. " (St. Alphonsus Liguori)  Free from sin from conception by God's grace, she is free from the effects of sin, which is corruption, by God's grace. The grace of the Assumption is the continuation of God's blessings to Mary. United to her Son in life before death, she is united to him after death. He rose from the dead, she was assumed into heaven.  Because we have sinned and been redeemed by God, we will die, our bodies will corrupt, but by God's grace wee will be raised from the tomb on the last day. Her assumption prefigured our resurrection. She is with God in eternal glory in a glorified body. We will be with God, hopefully, after death in glory, as we await the resurrection and glorification of our bodies.

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