Reflections on the Scripture Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Gospel C

By 11:55 AM

Jesus said to his disciples: "I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! 

What is this "fire" Jesus is referring to? It is a zeal for the Gospel message and life.
Do you have this "fire" at the core of your being?
What do you need to reignite this fire in you?
There is a baptism with which I must be baptized, and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished! What is this "baptism" Jesus is referring to? It is his imminent suffering and death on the cross.
This is the baptism Jesus was speaking of when John and James asked to sit at his right and left. Cf Mk 10:38.
Can you embrace the mystery of the cross in your life? With the same surrender as Jesus? What prevents you?
Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. From now on a household of five will be divided, three against two and two against three; a father will be divided against his son and a son against his father, a mother against her daughter and a daughter against her mother, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law."
This is a strange statement for Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to make. What does he mean?
Part of the life of the disciple is to choose to follow Jesus as Lord and Master even if it means to become at odds with family members.
Have you ever experienced this division in your family because of your commitment to follow Jesus?
Have you ever had to compromise to please others while knowing that this is not what Jesus wanted you to do?
What application do we make in our lives from this passage?
The "fire" will keep Jesus at the center of our lives, during any struggles we have with others because of our relationship with Jesus

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