Thought of the Day September 14, 2016

By 9:52 AM

Your cross, Lord, crushed our sins, so that our crosses may lift us up to the grace of salvation. You embraced your cross in love for the Father and in love of us. You invite us, no you command us, to embrace our crosses in love of you. Sin is the real pain of the cross. For the real anguish of every inflicted suffering you endured during your agony was the reality of our sins. When your human life was destroyed through the cross, the power of sin was destroyed. To embrace our cross is to put to death sin and its effects in our life. When we resist the cross in our life, we are not only afraid of the suffering we will experience, but the dying to sin which we will be choosing. In principle we don't want sin, but are we willing ready to suffer so that sin has no stronghold in  us? While we have chosen sin, we do not know the extent of suffering we will experience in this cross. The grace is keep our eyes fixed on You, Lore. The struggle or temptation is to run away out of fear.

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