Thought of the Day September 26, 2016

By 2:20 PM

Pride, ambition and jealousy can be positive or negative elements in our lives. Does that sound strange. Let's see.  I can take pride in the works you, Lord, allow me to accomplish, giving you thanks. Or I can take pride because I accomplished them, without acknowledging you. I can be ambitious in accomplishing your works for your glory alone. Or I can be ambitious for self-gain. I can  have righteous jealousy, desiring to please you in everything. Or I can act on my human jealousy as an expression of my sinful self-focus. What is the factor that changes each of these from a positive attitude to a sinful one? Is my focus on you primarily or on me? You took pride in doing the will of the Father. You had zeal for the house of your Father. You are a jealous lover, wanting the best for those you love. The difference between virtue and sin is in the object and in the motive of the action. If I am doing all for you with a pure intention of heart, then it is virtue. If I am acting from self-centered motives in ways not pleasing to you, God, then it is sin. In truth, why am I doing what I am doing? That is the separating and measuring line. You know my heart and judge me accordingly.

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