Thought of the Day September 7, 2016

By 10:54 AM

On the Cross you, Lord, cried out from the depth of your being, "I thirst"! It was a cry of infinite love for me, a sinner. How can I begin to fathom the anguish you experienced on my behalf? You thirsted for my love for you in recognition of the price you  paid for my salvation. In your passion and death you gave your life that I might  have life eternal. Your cry of thirst was an invitation to me to choose to give my life totally to you in response. I cannot match your gift,  only to respond as fully as possible in love. My true happiness lies in that actualized decision. For you said: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness." It is only with your daily grace that I can begin to truly thirst for you in love.  You refuse the offer of vinegar from the soldier. You will not refuse my love.

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