Thought of the Day September 22, 2016

By 9:37 AM

"The words of Jesus can keep us erect and confident in the midst of the turmoil of the end-time. They can support us, encourage us, and give us life even when everything around us speaks of death. Jesus' words are food for eternal life. They do much more than give us ideas and inspiration. They lead us into the eternal life while we are still being clothed in mortal flesh. When we keep close to the word of Jesus, reflecting on it, "chewing" on it, eating it as food for the soul, we will enter even more deeply into the everlasting love of God." (Henri Nouwen) The habit of reading a portion of the Scriptures each day is a good one. But not just reading, it involves reflecting on the Word that we read so that it can penetrate the fiber of our being. How often do we just hear the Word on Sunday and never really think further on what we  heard. It is like going to a cafeteria and seeing all the food and walking away without tasting anything. If we did this, we would physically starve. When we do this in regards to the spiritual food offered us in the Word, then we spiritually starve. St. James tells us in his Letter that we must not just hear the word, but act on it for it to benefit us.

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