Thought of the Day Septemer 2, 2016

By 10:54 AM

"In the spiritual life we have to make a distinction between two kinds of loneliness. In the first loneliness, we are out of touch with God and experience ourselves as anxiously looking for someone or something that can give us a sense of belonging, intimacy, and home. The second loneliness comes from an intimacy with God that is deeper and greater than our feelings and thoughts can capture. We might think of these two kinds of loneliness as two forms of blindness. The first blindness comes from the absence of light, the second from too much light. The first loneliness we must try to outgrow with faith and hope. The second we must be willing to embrace in love." (Henri Nouwen)  More people probably experiences the first loneliness than the second. Actually, the first prepares us to enter into the second. In the second, we learn that our longing for a greater intimacy with God is best realized when we become more comfortable in being alone with God, not looking for him to satisfy anything. Just to be with the Beloved is enough.  He knows the timing for me. Like the potential butterfly in the cocoon. Hastening the process will be damaging to the butterfly. There is a timing. So it is with the loneliness that leads to aloneness that leads to union.

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