Thought of the Day September 21, 2016

By 9:52 AM

Lord, how often your ministry of gaze made a difference in another's life. You first physically and intentionally gazed at Matthew as he was collecting taxes. It was the gaze of encounter, offering him the grace of mercy, leading to ultimate salvation. That gaze so penetrated  his heart, devoted to selfish material gain, that it became the moment of lasting change in his life. He changed from a tax collector of means to a disciple with no where to lay his  head. Every aspect of his life was impacted by that momentary graze of love for him as a person of worth. Matthew may have heard of you from others; he may have heard you preach; he hay have seen you at a distance. Maybe  you were even aware of him at those times and gazed on him then. But he wasn't ready to respond. In this encounter as he collected taxes, your gaze was the connecting point of the future relationship between  you and  him. Lord, you have similarly gazed on me at various times in my life. Some, I, too, was oblivious of. But your gaze of mercy and love have made a difference in my life. I am grateful.

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