Thought of the DAay October 26, 2016

By 9:41 AM

St. Paul speaks about being a slave of Christ. What does he mean? A slave belongs to another, like property; serves another; is obedient to another no matter what is asked. In a world that exploits slavery  or a world that abhors slavery, Paul's concept does not make sense and is rejected. But in faith, we believe and profess that Jesus is our Lord and Master, our God and King. How radical do we submit our total life and possessions to him? How radical do we embrace the will of the Lord in all things? If we do, we are going contrary to the world that wants to enslave us or the world that rejects our slavery even to God. To the extent that we are a slave of Christ, to that extent we are truly free. But to the extent we are not, to that extent we are in bondage. Another of the Christian life's many paradoxes. Yet, this slavery to Christ leads us to eternal life in Christ, while any other slavery will lead to eternal life alienated from Christ.

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