Thought of the Day October 27, 2016

By 10:12 AM

It is easy for each of us to say that critical word which hurts another, to seemingly reject another, to be impatient with another. In doing so, we do not realize the deep wound we inflict upon the other's heart and memory. We are not aware of how such remarks and actions can wrongly shape the other's self concept. Instead of such abuse, the person needed understanding, compassion, love and comfort. Jesus is our model in this regard. he was imposed upon, even when he was tired. Yet, he healed those in need with compassion. He was not dismissive but attentive, for the people were like sheep without a shepherd. The parable of the Good Samaritan is an illustration of his own life. He wept at the sufferings of others and went out of his way to minister to their needs. He says to us: "As I have done out of love and compassion, so you must do."

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