Thought of the Day October 14, 2016

By 10:02 AM

Today's Gospel talks about the need to avoid the leaven of the Pharisees. What was that? Hypocrisy! To be double faced or doubled tongued. Living a double life. Externally appearing to be  holy but internally being full of sin. Saying one thing but doing another. The hypocrisy of Judas: having decided to betray Jesus but siting at the table of fellowship. We say "yes" but we mean "no". To speak a lie rather than the truth. Paul accused Peter of hypocrisy when the latter ate with the Gentile converts but then withdrew because of the Judaisers. Where in my life do I find this leaven of sin, even in small things? Lord, I repent of any  hypocrisy in my life. Let me live in transparency and truth!

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