Thought of the Day October 3, 2016

By 11:01 AM

Jesus teaches us through the Parable of the Good Samaritan about his own life and about our life in imitation. What did the Good Samaritan, Jesus, do? He saw one in need of mercy. The man (each of us), abandoned along the road of life, was in misery, having been beaten, broken and dispossessed of  human dignity by the Evil one through the pleasures of sin. Others, on the journey of life, who were bound by the Law, passed by oblivious of the real human condition in need of salvation. Jesus, the Good Samaritan, came, saw and responded by laying down his life, embracing this human condition, taking on the sins of the world, so that each of us, in misery, through divine mercy could be healed and restored as the child we truly are. We cannot save as Jesus saved. But to the extent possible, we can show mercy wherever we encounter misery. We are not meant to eradicate all misery, only to do whatever we can to alleviate the misery of this one person. There is only one Good Samaritan, but in imitation, we are called to be a good disciple Samaritan. What will we do today?

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