Thought of the Day October 31, 2016

By 11:03 AM

The celebration of the annual Feast of All Saints serves several purposes. One is to remind us of our own destiny according to God's plan. What is that? That we all become saints. What is a saint? A saint is one who shares in the divine life of God by grace and mercy. This sharing began in the sacramental waters of baptism when reconciliation, restoration, salvation and sanctification took place simultaneously. The four symbols of baptism: water, anointing with Chrism, the white garment, and the light of Christ, signified the new life of God we received. We were holy and were told that we now shared in the life of Christ, as priest, prophet and king. We were warned and encouraged to keep this new life in Christ unstained until we go out to meet him at the end of our earthly life. For if we died in Christ, we would be with Christ forever. In other words, we are to be saints in this life and saints in eternity. The Feast of All Saints reminds us of this call and invites us to renew our commitment to be saint now and then.

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