Thought of the Day October 25, 2016

By 10:05 AM

Today's Gospel reading is about the Kingdom of God. Jesus uses two parables: the mustard seed and the leaven in the flour. Each allows itself to die to self in order to be transformed; to allow the law of nature to bear fruit. In our lives, Pope Francis sees this to be the docility to the Holy Spirit. Only when we yield to the lead of the Holy Spirit will transformation and growth take place. Otherwise, we will remain in the bondage of rigidity. Peter followed the inspiration of the Spirit and entered the house of a Gentile, who sought to know more about Jesus. If Peter had remained bound by the Law, he would not have acted thus. Under the penalty of becoming ritually unclean, the Law forbade such an action. But transformation and a fresh revelation takes place in Peter, only because he yielded to the grace of the Spirit. How attentive and docile are we to the lead of the Spirit in our life?

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