Thought of the Day November 30, 2016

By 10:08 AM

On this Feast of St. Andrew, the Apostle, our reflections center around his response to Jesus. Along with John, he was the first to encounter and be encountered by Jesus. He was the first of the disciples to witness about Jesus, bringing his brother Simon, to the Messiah. He was among the first disciples called by Jesus to follow him. His life was transformed by Jesus. Eventually, Andrew embraced the cross for the sake of Jesus. During this Advent season, we have an opportunity to reflect on our encounters with Jesus. Is our life still being transformed by these encounters? Is our life as a disciple of Jesus evident in our words and actions? How consciously are we witnessing about Jesus to others? What cross is Jesus asking us to embrace at this time of our life? None of this is possible without a growing relationship with Jesus. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

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