Thought of the Day Jun 3, 2019 We need the power and presence of the Spirit

By 11:30 AM

Renewed in the Spirit, to many the celebration of sacraments, has become more meaningful and personal by becoming lectors and Extraordinary ministers of Eucharist both in Mass and to the home bound. Many have step up to the plate as religious education teachers, pastoral council leaders etc. Prayer and the Scriptures have truly become moments of grace and growth.

Baptism in the Spirit is not a one-time experience, nor are we ever fully open to what the Spirit wants to in our renewed life. The admonition of Paul to Timothy needs to resonate frequently in our hearts. 2 Tim 1:6-8.

There is more God desires to do in our lives so that baptism in the Spirit is an on-going experience in us and the Church. We have to ask God to extend the pegs of our tent. We need to pray with greater expectation for God to have his way in our lives so that we can expend ourselves even more for the work of the Gospel. In the words of Paul Gal 5:25. We need to test the Spirit for not everything is from The Lord or of The Lord.

The Church and we as individuals need the power and presence of the Holy Spirit if we going to follow the plan of God for us and the Church. We and the Church need continual conversion, new encounters with The Father, Son and HS and renewal if our faith life is going to grow and deepen.

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