Thought of the Day June 6, 2019 Baptism is actuated

By 9:55 AM

This outpouring of the Spirit (Baptism in the Spirit) actualizes and revives our baptism.  This new grace helps the Sacrament of Baptism, received many years ago, come alive and be revived so that the spiritual energy of baptism can be released in a fresher and fuller way.

A sacrament can be valid and legal but “unreleased.” A sacrament is called “unreleased” if its fruit remains bound, or unused, because of the absence of certain conditions that further its efficacy.

We were baptized as infants because of the faith of our parents, even though weak, and the faith of the Church. By God's grace we were freed from the effects of sin, adopted as sons and daughters of God, temples of the Holy Spirit, and members of the faith community, the Church. We were not able then to personally take ownership.

Down the road with greater formation and maturity we hopefully came to a decision, by the grace of God to make what was done for us our own through faith in Jesus and repentance. We have an encounter with Jesus that is truly a conversion. Through this encounter we acknowledge and embrace what God did for us in Baptism. This allows the work of God to “be released” in all its power.

To use an image from physics, the plug has been inserted into the outlet, and the light has been turned on. The gift of God is finally “unbound,” and the Spirit permeates Christian life like a perfume.
Jesus “baptizes in the Holy Spirit” in the sense that he “gives the Spirit without measure” (see John 3:34), pouring  out His Spirit (see Acts 2:33) on us.

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