Thought of the Day June 10, 2019 Baptism in the Spirit renews us

By 9:43 AM

In this outpouring (Baptism in the Spirit) there is a hidden, mysterious dimension that is different for each person because only God knows us intimately. He acts in a way that respects the uniqueness of our being.

This grace is a new coming of the Holy Spirit, a new sending of the Spirit by the Father through Jesus Christ or a new anointing corresponding to a new level of grace. In this sense the outpouring, although not a sacrament, is nevertheless an event, a spiritual event, something that happens interiorly by the Holy Spirit. In this event is the encounter with Jesus that changes our life.

As Baptism in the Spirit renews and opens us up fully to the graces of the Spirit for sanctification, it has the same effect in us regarding the graces of Confirmation. The Church teaches us that Confirmation develops, confirms and fulfills the work of baptism.

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