Thought of the Day June 14, 2019 Our glorious inheritance

By 1:20 PM

Our Glorious Inheritance

What is our understanding of the concept of inheritance? An inheritance is something promised to us while a person is living and given to us when a person dies. According to our tax code, a person can give us a portion of our inheritance before death, but the full gift comes after death.

The same is true in our Christian understanding of our Christian inheritance. The inheritance we have been promised by God comes to us because we are adopted sons and daughters of God, our Father. Our adoption comes not from being born naturally, but from being reborn in the saving waters of Baptism. While our natural birth gives us natural rights and gifts, our regeneration through the death and resurrection of Jesus, by God’s plan and promise, gives us the gift of our promised inheritance.

What is our inheritance as a disciple of Jesus Christ? In Baptism we share in the divine life of God. If we die in union with God, then we will inherit a share in God’s life eternally. Our basic inheritance is eternal life with God and all that comes with it.

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