Thought of the Day June 21, 2019 Our inheritance is undefiled.

By 10:23 AM

(Continuing our Glorious Inheritance)
Our inheritance is undefiled: Since Christ is perfect, the life he promises us is perfect. And for us to experience this inheritance we must be ultimately cleansed from all that is imperfect. When we were baptized we were given a white garment symbolizing the new life of Christ that we had just received. The words said at that moment were: “N., you have become a new creation and have clothed yourself in Christ. Receive this baptismal garment and bring it unstained to the judgment seat of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that you may have everlasting life.”

So if we die in Christ, but we are still not in perfect love of God, then, before we can enter into the full possession of our inheritance, namely eternal life with God, we need to release anything that is defiled in us. This is the role of Purgatory. As we heard from the citation in Ephesians. God chose us in Christ to be holy, without blemish and full of love. This is confirmed by Revelations 21:27 which says nothing defiled will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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