Thought of the Day August 25, 2020 Act on word

By 9:58 AM

Though Peter answered correctly when Jesus asked the question, “Who do you say that I am”, Peter didn’t know the full consequence of his statement. To say Jesus is “the Christ” is not enough. Even the demons know who he is. To know and acknowledge this mystery is not complete until we live in such a way that evidences a life-style in accord with it.


Jesus himself indicated such, when he said that people may call him Lord and do mighty things in his name. But they will not enter the Kingdom of God, unless they did the will of God. To acknowledge Jesus as the Christ means to follow his example. His whole life was committed to do the will of the Father in love, even to the death on the cross. So it is for a disciple.


When Jesus will ask us in judgment, “Who do you say I am”, he will reveal to us in an instant our whole life. There we will see if our profession was mere lip service or a lived conviction. Did we love as we have been loved? Was doing the will of God, in fact, central in our life? 

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