Thought of the Day August 4, 2020 Our covenant of love

By 1:42 PM

In baptism we enter into a personal and communal covenant with God as a result of his love.  Alienated from God from birth, now through a rebirth we become a new creature. Our first birth was a sign of God's love; so too our second birth through the life giving waters of baptism is a sign of his love. We experience through the mercy of God the redemptive grace of reconciliation and salvation, with God because of God's love. The grace won for us through Jesus' death and resurrection is given to us in this present moment.

But his love doesn't end there.  God freely chooses to adopt us as his son or daughter. We enter into a personal covenant with him and become a member of his Body, the Church. The baptismal waters is the sign of this New Covenant. As part of this sign we were marked with the sign of the cross, reminding us that we belong to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We were anointed with the oil of Chrism, reminding us that now, because we belong and are covenanted to God, we share in the life and ministry of Jesus as priest, prophet and King. 

In all this, what did we do? Nothing! What can we do in response to God's love just at that one moment of time in our journey of life? Love! Be faithful to our covenant! Live a life committed to God to whom we belong! Grow as a son or daughter of the Lord in  holiness of life! Renew our yes to this covenant on a daily basis! Let nothing separate us from the love of God! If I am separated because of my sinful folly, return to the Lord as soon as possible. Return in love.

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