Thought of the Day August 6, 2020 Love: justice and mercy

By 10:49 AM


God shows his everlasting and unconditional love in many ways. Yesterday we reflected on God’s love through creating human beings in his own image and likeness. But we know what was the response of the first man and women to God’s love. Not accepting their human limitations as creatures but wanting to be like God in knowing good and evil, they chose to go against the command of God. They sinned. God showed them both justice and mercy out of love. Justice was what was now due to them as a consequence of their choice. They had been given a share in God’s own divine life. When they hid themselves from God, they showed that they had separated from his life. God confirmed this and told them the consequences of their decision. God could have annihilated them, but in love and justice they were banned from paradise.

 On the other hand, God showed them mercy, which they did not deserve. His mercy was revealed in the promise to send their descendants a Savior who would redeem, reconcile and restore them as adopted sons and daughters of God.

 When we sin and separate ourselves from God, the same justice and mercy is shown us in love. In justice we experience the consequences of our sinful choice. But in mercy, God extends his grace of repentance and forgiveness, not just once, but as often as needed. What should our response be? Love, gratitude and a firm amendment. 

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