Thought of the Day August 3, 2020 Behold, I stand at the door

By 10:01 AM

"'I stand at the door knocking and waiting; whoever lets me in, with him I will sup" (Rev. 3:20). You need not seek Him here or there, He is no further than the door of your heart; there He stands patiently awaiting whoever is ready to open up and let Him in. No need to call to Him from afar: He can hardly wait for you to open up. He longs for you a thousand times more than you long for Him: the opening and the entering are a single act. (Meister Eckhart)


How often have we felt that God was far away from us, while in reality he is not? Did Jesus not say I will be with you till the end of time? Why else would he reveal himself to us as Emmanuel, God with us? He is always near us, knocking at the door of our heart. But because of the noise within us we cannot hear his knock or his voice. I must heed the words of the psalmist: "I will sit in silence and hearken to what God speaks within me" (Ps. 84:9). It is only when there is a degree of inner silence will I be able to detect the call of the Lord. As another psalmist wrote: “Be still and know that I am God.” Learn to set some quiet time in your busy life, so that you can hear the voice of God within you.

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