Thought of the Day Jul 18, 2022 To be a Christian

By 11:08 AM


To be Christian is not above all about fulfilling a task, a list of things to do. It is

about welcoming, though faith (a faith entwined with hope and love), the immense

gift offered freely to us. To live the gospel means learning to receive in our human

heart, with its limits and weaknesses, all the richness of the Fathers merciful love,

letting ourselves be transformed by it day after day, responding freely and

generously to it, and sharing it with those whom the Lord places on our path. (Fr.

Jacques Philippe)

To be a Christian means to be in relationship with the one Person who has changed our

lives for the best. We would not be who we are if we were not created in the image and

likeness of God, if the Son had not become man and had not given his life for us, if the

Spirit had not share God's divine life with us. To be a Christian is spend our lives

responding to all that God has and is doing in our lives, knowing that our response will

always be inadequate in comparison to what we have received. To be a Christian is do

what we have been commissioned to do: to share with others the Good News of God's

love with others. In other words, to be a Christian is not an obligation and a task but a

response and a joy that is obvious to all around. Rejoice, O Christian!

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