Thought of the Day July 20, 2022 Our pilgrimage to the Lord

By 10:38 AM


"Like the Apostles we are on a journey seeking to deepen our relationship with the Lord. It is a journey in the knowledge of the Lord, in intimacy with the Lord: in familiarity with the Lord....This Christian familiarity with the Lord,  is always communal. Yes, it is intimate, it is personal, but in community. A familiarity without community, a familiarity without bread, a familiarity without the Church, without the people, without the sacraments is dangerous. It can become a 'gnostic' familiarity - so to say, a familiarity for me alone, detached from the People of God.” (Pope Francis)

We are, a pilgrim from the time we are born till we die. We are on a journey to God. We came from him and we are to return to him. As such we are to grow in intimacy with the Lord, so that by the time of our death our intimacy is complete: we will be one with the Lord. But  our journey is not to be alone. Not only do we journey with others but we are to bring others with us on this journey to the Lord. Our journey includes manifesting to others the Lord who loves us beyond measure. As such we are to be that light and salt, which Jesus  speaks of. For when we come to the Lord in judgement, he will be asking us whom did we bring with us to him. It is good to be with him. It is better to be with him and the others we brought to him.

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