Thought of the Day July 8. 2022 Trust in the mercy of God

By 1:08 PM


"We should see our sin, no matter how grave or how small, as a little twig.  And then we should see a huge and blazing fire.  If you were to throw that twig into the fire it would immediately be consumed.  The twig is our sin and God’s Mercy is so powerful that it can easily and quickly consume it.  We only need to be willing to admit our sins and throw them into that burning fire of Divine Mercy" (St. Faustina, Diary #178).

Sometimes, instead of casting our sin into the fire of God's mercy, we place one sin upon another until the stack seems too much for us to bear. Even then, instead of trusting in the mercy of God we remain in sin. But the good news is very clear, even then, God's mercy is consuming, if we but sincerely repent and ask forgiveness. Yet, how easier it would be if we cast our initial sins regularly and quickly in faith. The ploy of the Evil One is to keep us in bondage. The grace of God offers us real freedom. Choice.

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