Thought of the Day July 12, 2022 Do you want to see God?

By 10:09 AM


When St. Teresa of Avila was 9 years old, she briefly ran away from home looking to be martyred by the Moors. When her parents returned her home and demanded an explanation, she explained her motive: I want to see God.”

She, in her innocence and deep faith, wanted to be martyred, so she could be with God and see him. She captured in her youth the ultimate purpose of her life: God. For this she was created. Naively, she wanted to skip the steps of life and go directly to the end. She came to realize that before she could see God in eternity, she had to grow in relationship with him in time. Her love for God grew through many sufferings and struggles. The way to the top of the mountain was difficult. But she persevered, because she knew that being and seeing God was worth whatever she had to die to. How strong is our desire to see and be with God? What are we willing to die to, to let go of, so that we can reach the top of our mountain? The climb is slow and laboriously, but the vista is worth it.

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