Thought of the Day July 19, 2022 Surrender

By 10:44 AM


“What is important in the Christian life is not to rush into a multitude of

exterior works but to discover and to practice the attitudes and behaviors

that open us up to the work of the Spirit...The spiritual life is not so much

about doing as letting be done, letting God act in us, work through us.”


The merit doesnt consist in doing nor in giving a lot, but rather in

receiving, in loving a lot”. (Thérèse of Lisieux)


“We need to learn to receive. This is the most important, yet also sometimes

the most difficult, part of the Christian existence.”


We are more comfortable in doing than in being, in giving than in receiving. This

allows us to be in control. But at the same time it hampers what God wants to do in

our lives, which is greater than we can do. In letting God act in us requires an act

of surrender to the will of God, which leaves us vulnerable to his grace. Where will

he lead me? What will he ask of me? It is a matter of flowing with the current

rather than against it. It is a call to trust in his love for us, which desires our

ultimate fulfillment in him.

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