Thought of the Day February 10, 2023 Begin again with joy

By 10:44 AM

 "Do not let the past disturb you, just leave everything in the Sacred Heart and begin again with joy." (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

What an attitude to have! Each new day is a new gift from God to begin afresh. How often we begin with a negative attitude in stead of with an attitude of excitement and joy! When we begin with the former, often our day is seen as one problem after another. Yet, when we begin with the latter attitude, our experiences of the day more often than not will be different. The past only exists in our memory. We can't change it, but we can learn from it. The present moment is a grace from God, giving us an opportunity to live with him in anticipation of being with him forever.  Embrace the present moment with joy, for that will be the way the present moment of eternity will be like.

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