Thought of the Day February 20, 2023 How does God sees us?

By 10:27 AM

"God beholds you individually, whoever you are. God calls you by name! God sees you and understands you. God made you and God knows what is in you, all your personal feelings and thoughts, your likings and dispositions, your strengths and your weaknesses. God views you in your times of rejoicing and your days of sorrow. God sympathizes with  your hopes and with you in your temptations. God is interested in your anxieties and remembrances and in all the risings and fallings of your spirit. God  has numbered the hairs of your head and the inches of your height. God bears you in divine arms and takes you up and sets you down. God notes your expressions, whether you are smiling or in tears, healthy or sick. God looks tenderly upon your hands and your feet and listens to your voiced and to the beating of your heart and even to your breathing. You don't and can't love yourself better than God loves you." John Cardinal Newman

We sometimes have a negative view of ourselves. That is not how God sees us.  When we get down on ourselves and wallow in our pity party, we need to ask God how he sees us. If we are willing to hear, he will remind us of the above.  Pity parties are navel gazing and destructive. It is like looking at our nose while trying to move forward. At that point, our perspective of reality is distortive. We need to turn our gaze to Jesus, waiting on him to speak the words of truth and love, which will set us free.

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