Thought of the Day February 7, 2023 Loneliness or aloneness

By 12:09 PM

 There is a difference between loneliness and aloneness.  We avoid the feeing of loneliness because of the pain of emptiness that may come. We try to fill our lives with activities of all sorts just so that we can avoid loneliness. At the same times we mistake loneliness and aloneness. The former is a void to fill. The latter is a grace to experience and grow deeper in our relationship with God. It is in the quiet of the aloneness that we can better hear and respond to the presence of God within us. "Be still and know that I am God."  Even in our moments of loneliness God is present to us. Instead of waiting upon the Lord to speak, we seek to fill the space and time with everything else. Prayer is a time to be alone with God for his sake. When we feel those pains of loneliness, turn to the Lord and still your heart so as to enjoy the aloneness with the One, who loves you beyond measure.

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