Thought of the Day February 15, 2023 Spiritual blindness

By 11:11 AM

 Jesus healed the physically blind, but more especially he desires to heal the spiritually bind. In each case, the desire or openness for healing must be present. Many of the Pharisees and Scribes, because of the hardness of their hearts were spiritually blind to the truth of who Jesus was. The Apostles were partially, spiritually blind. They were like the man in the Gospel whom Jesus prayed over.  At first he saw in a blurred manner, but when prayed over again, saw clearly. His faith expectancy was stirred up with his partial seeing. Where are we spiritually blind? What sin in our life creates this blindness to the fullness of life promised by Jesus? The upcoming season of Lent is a grace time to deal with any spiritual blindness we may have, so that by Easter we can clearly see.

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