Thought of the Day February 14, 2023 Trust God

By 10:25 AM

 Do I trust God or do I trust in what he provides for me? It is the same question of whether my focus is on the gifts of God or on the God of gifts? When I trust God, my focus is on him, whether he does anything or not. I trust he loves me and has created me to be with him eternally. I trust that the opportunities he gives me are part of his plan for my eternal happiness. I may not understand his plans or actions in my life at the moment, or why he permits certain things to happen in my life. But, I choose to trust him. This was the question Jesus was presenting to the Apostles. "Avoid the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod." Because of the hardness of their hearts, they refused to believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Thought they had seen him marvelous deeds and heard his  preaching, they continued to test him in order to discredit him. I believe that Jesus is true God and true Man. I believe that he has saved me by his death and resurrection. I believe that he is my Lord. Because of this I choose to trust him, even though I don't always understand his ways in my live.

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