Thought of the Day February 16, 2023 The cross

By 10:01 AM

 Jesus asks the disciples an important question after a period of time of formation under him. "Who do you say that I am?"  Peter's initial response was correct on the surface but incomplete in fullness of understanding. Jesus amplifies Peter's response by saying that the Messiah had to suffer a cruel death by crucifixion but rise again. When Peter rejects this notion, it was obvious to Jesus there was more formation needed. When we think of being disciples of Jesus, do we understand that the cross will be part of our journey too? Jesus didn't relish dying by crucifixion, but it was the way chosen by the Father. We may not relish suffering in our life, but it is part of the journey to the resurrected life with Jesus. As in Jesus' life there was no resurrection without the crucifixion, so in our life.

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