Thought of the Day November 1, 2016

By 10:03 AM

We celebrate this Feast of All Saints not only to remind us of our true destiny, but to implore their intercession as we make our journey to God by imitating their example. Like them, we are to keep our eyes on the prize, life with God forever in glory and peace. The saints went through the same and some went through more difficult struggles in their lives than we will have. Some were persecuted and physically tortured, but refused to give up their faith and hope in Christ. Others lived a simple, humble life, insignificant in the eyes of the world, but precious in the eyes of God. Like us, the saints came from different backgrounds and experiences, but their commonality was the Lordship of Jesus in their lives as they sought to grow in love. They await us with expectant joy. May neither of us be disappointed.

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