Thought of the Day December 15, 2017 Hope

By 9:38 AM

Pope Francis during this Advent season has been reflecting on the theme of hope. He reminds us that “because God, with His love, journeys with us, He does not leave us alone, and the Lord Jesus has overcome evil, and opened up the path of life.”  What is hope? It is not living in the future but in the present moment with the assurance of God's plan for us in the future. That assurance is based on the truth of faith that God loves  us and is Emmanuel (God is with us). If we can embrace the mystery of each day with the hope of this reality, then the present moment is not difficult.  Though the reality of God's personal love for us should be a given, many of us struggle with embracing this fully. That is why God became Man to demonstrate in a tangible and visible way the depth of God's unconditional love through his death on the cross for our sins.  Our hope is in him who promises eternal life to his true disciples. This Advent, ask God for an increase of hope in the reality of his love for us and of his promises.

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