Thought of the Day December 27, 2017 Transforming message

By 10:08 AM

"In effect, the message of Jesus is discomforting, and discomforts us, because it challenges the worldly religious power and provokes consciences. After His coming, it is necessary for us to convert, to change our mentality, to reject thinking like before….Jesus is our mediator, and He reconciles us not only with the Father, but also with one another. He is the fount of love, Who opens us to communion with our brothers, removing every conflict and resentment. Let us ask Jesus, born for us, to help us to take up this double attitude of confidence in the Father and of love for our neighbor; it is this attitude that transforms life and makes it more beautiful and fruitful." (Pope Francis) The message of Jesus is simple, straightforward, transforming and renewing. At the same time, it challenges our culturally-learned behavior, from a focus of individualism to the needs of others, not for self-gain but for love. This is the Christmas message and the Easter message.

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