Thought of the Day December 28, 2017 Gifts

By 9:58 AM

Pope Francis: "That’s why at Christmas they exchange gifts.  The true gift for us is Jesus, and like him we want to be a gift for others. And since we want to be a gift to others, we exchange gifts, as a sign, as a sign of this attitude that Jesus teaches us: He, sent by the Father, was a gift for us, and we are gifts for others.” Have we lost the true meaning of exchanging gifts at Christmas? Has it become a commercial obligation and expectation rather than a sign of one's love? Jesus gives himself to us continually, not just once a  year. Our gift of self to others in love needs to have the same focus. Not only are we to give gifts but there is a special grace in receiving a gift from another. To receive the gift of Jesus in joy and love is the foundation of our giving gifts to others in love. Let everyday be Christmas: the exchange of gifts between God and us, us and others.

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