Thought of the Day December 7, 2017 "Come, Lord Jesus, come."

By 9:57 AM

"My Father and I will come and make our home with him. Let your door stand open to receive him, unlock your soul to him, offer him a welcome in your mind, and then you will see the riches of simplicity, the treasures of peace, the joy of grace. Throw wide the gate of your heart, stand before the sun of the everlasting light that shines on every man. This true light shines on all, but if anyone closes his window he will deprive himself of eternal light. If you shut the door of your mind, you shut out Christ. Though he can enter, he does not want to force his way in rudely, or compel us to admit him against our will." (St. Ambrose) As we prepare for the celebration of Christmas and the remembrance of Jesus's birth, we need to attend to the words of St. Ambrose more keenly. Advent is a time to be more attentive to the desire of God to "come and make" his home with us. That is why we hear again the Baptist's cry: "Prepare the way of the Lord." The more we can open ourselves to the deeper coming of the Lord, the more we will be able to receive from the Lord when he comes anew. "Come, Lord Jesus, come!"

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