Thought of the Day December 28, 2017 Love is a mystery

By 9:45 AM

“For the Bible the most important thing is not, as it was for Greek philosophers, that God be loved, but that God ‘loves’ and loved first (cf. 1 John 4:10, 19). God willed the incarnation of the Son not so much as to have someone outside the Trinity that would love him worthily as to have someone to love in a way worthy of him, that is, to love without measure! At Christmas, when the child Jesus is born, God the Father has someone to love in an infinite way because Jesus is together man and God. But not only Jesus, but us together with him. We are included in this love, having become members of the body of Christ, ‘sons in the Son.’ John’s prologue reminds of this: ‘To those who welcomed him he gave the power to become sons of God.’ Therefore, Christ did descend from heaven ‘for our salvation,’ but what moved him to come down for our salvation was love, nothing else but love.” (Fr Cantalemessa ) When we feel alone and depressed, feel nobody cares, we need to reflect on this mystery of God's love for us. He loves us, not because we have anything to give him, but simply because he chooses to love us. Love  is his nature. No matter how much we reflect on this mystery, we will never fully comprehend it.  All we can do is accept it and respond to God's love with love: freely given by God, freely received by us and freely returned to God.

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